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Ras Al Khaimah Police come to help of stranded people amid rain and floods


RAK Police officers with the rescue residents.

Adnan Okasha, Staff Reporter

The Ras Al Khaimah Police and the local emergency and crisis teams affirmed that they provided support to more than 200 persons who were stranded in the mountains and valleys, and secured the traffic for their vehicles to safe areas away from the flood-hit valleys.

The RAK Police indicated that more than 14 people were stuck in dangerous areas and they were transported by air wing to safe places, where logistical support was provided to them, including food, all medical help and other needs.

Major General Ali Abdullah Bin Alwan, Commander-in-Chief of RAK Police, Head of the Local Emergency and Crisis Management Team, said: "The field teams in RAK Police and the local crisis management made great efforts during rains and the flow of valleys on Thursday.”

He added they dealt with rain-related cases with high professionalism, with speedy movement to the sites of events to give hand to every needy citizen, residents and tourists.”

Bin Alwan indicated that plans to deal with torrential rains, weather conditions and weather fluctuations have been activated since the start of the climatic situation on Wednesday, and field teams have been deployed to provide support and assistance to road users and areas near valleys and mountains.

RAKPolice-Flood-rescue RAK Police personnel during the rescue operation.

Bin Alwan further said that more than 77 patrols were dispatched to various internal and external roads in the emirate, and all valleys full of water, were closed, and tanks to suck water from streets were dispatched.

“The rescue teams started to provide assistance to the stranded people near the valleys, and services to evacuate some people from their homes, which were flooded by heavy rains,” Bin Alwan added.

He pointed out that the operations room received more than 1,883 calls since the start of the rains, including requests for help and inquiries about the weather, noting that assistance was provided to those in need and those whose vehicles were disrupted by the rainwater, which flooded most of the emirate's streets.

RAK Police called on all community members to cooperate with them, by calling 999 in case of emergency and the number 901 for inquiries.

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