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Court rejects case filed by man against former wife


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Aya El Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Al Ain Court of First Instance rejected a lawsuit filed by a man against his ex-wife in which he demanded her to pay him Dhs100,000 in compensation for the damages he incurred after she built a kitchen in the courtyard of a house he bought for her and her children to live in.

The court said that the man did not attach with his lawsuit any evidence that his ex-wife made a violation against him which resulted in the house being taken away from him.

The details date back to an earlier time, when the man filed a lawsuit in which he demanded to obligate his ex-wife to pay Dhs100,000 in compensation for the material and moral damage he sustained, in addition to the fees, expenses of the case and lawyer’s fees.

The appellant indicated that the appellee was his wife and they had children, so after the divorce, and in order to ensure that she and her children would live a decent life, he bought a house for them at Dhs850,000 to live in. He also indicated that the concerned authority issued a  without-a-licence building violation, after his divorcee built a kitchen in the yard of the house without a licence from the competent authority.

Then the authorities withdrew the house for violating the decision to sell popular houses granted to citizens.

The court rejected the case and obligated the appellant to pay the expenses, noting that when requesting compensation, it is necessary to prove the elements of responsibility by the appellee, and that the appellant demanded compensation from his divorced because claiming that she was the reason for the withdrawal of the house while he did not provide the court with evidence

In addition, he bought the house without obtaining approval to register it, and therefore it is possible to withdraw it at any time, the court clarified.

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