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Want to save energy and beat the heat? Don’t wear neckties, says Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez attends a press conference. File photo

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These days everyone seems to be keen on greening the atmosphere. It has become a kind of credo, a way of life, and for some pseudo carers of the environment, an ecological fad. However, whatever may be nature of the eco spirit, it has one aim: contributing to the wellbeing of human beings. In other words, conservation of energy is key. Turning off the lights in a room before you leave it, unplugging appliances when they're not being used and using the No.11 bus (walking) instead of driving are some of the methods being bandied about.

Yes, you also have to drastically cut down on fossil fuels such as coal to prevent the planet from overheating. At least you don’t have to face the heatwaves that are lashing Europe, particularly Britain.


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Now, one leader has gone one step further where preserving energy and stemming the heat is concerned. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has asked his ministers, public officials and private sector employees on Friday to stop wearing ties and stay cool as heatwaves pummel the European continent, spiralling the demand for airconditioners which go against the grain as they consume a lot of energy.

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Sanchez addressed a news conference without sporting a tie to buttress his argument for neckties. "I'd like you all to note that I am not wearing a tie," Sanchez told the gathering. "This means we can all save from an energy point of view."

On a more serious note, Sanchez said his government would introduce emergency measures next week to improve efficiency and energy saving, according to Reuters.

For now, he has asked ministers, all government officials, and “I would like to ask the private sector too, if they haven't already done so, not to wear a tie when it isn't necessary because that way we will be confronting the energy saving that is so important in our country."


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