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Al Ain man ordered to pay Dhs20,000 for power theft


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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

Al Ain Court of First Instance obligated a man to pay to another Dhs20,000 in compensation for using appellant villa’s electricity without villa owner’s permission.

The villa owner discovered that the reason was that the power was stolen from his villa by an under construction site, which affected the electrical wiring of the villa, increased the value of the bills and posed a threat to its owner.

The details of the case date back to an earlier time, when the villa owner filed a lawsuit in which he demanded to obligate the appellee to pay him Dhs50,000, besides the fees and expenses of the case.

The appellant indicated that he discovered a sudden rise in electricity bills, and when he went to the site, he saw an electricity cable extending from his villa to a site under construction, located behind his villa.

The appellant explained that he filed a criminal lawsuit against the appellee, who was in charge of the site, accusing him of using a service from the electricity distribution companies by extending an electric cable from his villa to the site without his consent.

He added that the criminal court fined the defendant Dhs5,000.

In his civil lawsuit, the appellant demanded compensation for the damages he incurred, as the electricity wires of his villa were damaged, in addition to the the increase of the power bills.

The court obligated the man in charge of the site to pay Dhs20,000 to the owner of the villa in compensation, as well as the fees and expenses of the case.

The court affirmed that the appellant had sustained material and moral damages, as the loads on the villa wires were increased, which negatively affected them and posed a threat to his life, in addition to the increase of the value of the power bills.

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