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Cloudy weather to prevail across country


Several areas of the country witnessed heavy rainfall.

Emaduddin Khalil, Staff Reporter

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has stated that the weather conditions that prevailed in the country over the past four days have now reversed, adding that rainclouds are expected to continue to be formed and temperatures to rise gradually by four to five degrees Celsius over the upcoming days.

The NCM clarified that the highest rainfall of 19.6 mm was registered over the past days in Quetta, Al Ain City, while the lowest temperature of 25 degrees Celsius was registered on Thursday in Al Farfar in Fujairah at 3:30 am local time.

More heavy rains of various intensity continued to fall on separate areas across the country, particularly the eastern and southern areas. The rains were accompanied by active and sometimes strong, sand-stirring winds at 45 kilometres/hour, which caused the horizontal visibility to be lower.

Moderate to heavy rains began to fall on Al Faya, Al Madam and Nizwa in Sharjah, while light to moderate rains began to fall on Khatm Al Shiklah in Al Ain, turning to heavy rains in Malaqet, Lahbab and Margham in Dubai and a number of areas.

The Abu Dhabi Police called on the public and drivers to abide by safe driving on internal and external roads during rains and weather fluctuations, stay away from flooded valleys and follow the instructions of the competent authorities for the safety of all.

They also urged road users to check weather conditions before using their vehicles, reduce speed and avoid tailgating, stressing the dangers of filming or being occupied by other than the road ahead.

The NCM stated that Monday’s weather is expected to be clear to partly cloudy in general with a chance for some cumulus clouds to form in the east and south in the afternoon. Light to moderate southwesterly winds will blow, turning to active northwesterly and northeasterly, sand-stirring winds at 15 to 25 and up to 40 kilometres/hour, it added, noting that the waves will be regular in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

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