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VIDEO: Policewoman saves woman and son from being crushed under the wheels of train


A videograb shows the mother and son boarding a train.

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The quick wit of a policewoman working in the railway protection force at Bankura station in West Bengal, India, saved the life of a woman and her son who tried to board the train after it moved, causing them to slip dangerously.

The Ministry of Railways published a video clip captured by the surveillance cameras installed on platforms, showing the woman trying to get on and catch the train with her son.

In a moment, the mother and her son slipped on the edge of the entrance to the train, causing her to fall, and within a few seconds the policewoman rushed to the site and pulled them to safety.  A crowd began to gather to help the woman and her son, according to local media.

After the accident, the ministry directed the importance of being careful and not trying to get on or off the train before it stopped completely because of the risks to people's lives.

The Ministry of Railways saodn Twitter, “The alertness & swift action taken by RPF staff at Bankura Station, West Bengal saved the lives of an elderly woman & her son who slipped while boarding the moving train.

“Passengers are requested not to board or alight a moving train.”

At the same time, a number of social media activists criticized those in charge of railway stations due to the recurrence of such incidents, and demanded solutions for fear of tragic accidents.

Vivek Choubey said on Twitter, “Just like in case of boarding planes, a time limit should be given that the people about to board the departing train must arrive 15 minutes before the train is about to leave. No one shall be allowed w/o a valid reason for being late. It might be harsh but set things in order.”

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