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Asian jailed, fined Dhs275,000 for breach of trust


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Misdemeanours Court sentenced an Asian to 3 months in jail, to be followed by deportation after serving his sentence, and fined him Dhs275,000 for breach of trust.

The details of the case date back to March 2022, when an Asian filed a report complaining that he had was defrauded and 4 gold alloys and an amount of money were stolen from him.

The complainant said that he had bought 4 gold alloys for Dhs249,000 to send to his trading partner in his home country, and that he handed over the gold weighing 1,100 grammes, Dhs25,000 to a compatriot to deliver them to his partner for 1,000 rupees, but the suspect seized them.

In the interrogations, the complainant added that he agreed with the suspect in the presence of a friend to deliver the gold and gave him Dhs25,000 to pay the customs value and 1,000 rupees in return for this.

He added that he dropped the suspect to the airport and after several hours he contacted his partner in his home country, who told him that the suspect already arrived, but he did not hand him over the gold.

A witness, the complainant’s friend, said that he was present when the complainant gave the suspect the gold and the money and that he accompanied the complainant while dropping the suspect to the airport. He added that he communicated with the suspect, as he knew him before and the latter told him that he sold the gold and shared the value with another.

According to the case file, another witness testified that he knew that the suspect connived with a fugitive to sell the gold inside the UAE.

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