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Egypt police find decapitated body on a railway track


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The security agencies in Egypt's Alexandria found the decapitated body of a young man tied to a chainsaw on the tracks of the Abu Qir train in the Derbala area of Sidi Bishr.

Residents believe that it may have been a suicide, according to local media.

The security bodies started an investigation into the incident after receiving a report from the residents of the area in the early hours of Thursday morning, stating that an anonymous body had been found.

The police rushed to the scene, where the examination revealed that the body was of a person in his thirties, and that the head was separated from the body which was drenched in blood.

The police also revealed that the area where the body was found was crowded with people, as there is a fruit market, but nobody saw how the accident occurred.

A witness affirmed that he did not notice any strange movement and did not see any suspicious persons.

The security bodies are checking the cameras near the scene to find out about the incident.

A resident of the area said that the accident may have been a suicide because the victim appeared through the cameras, carrying a white bag, where he tied himself, turned his back to the train, and then was torn to pieces in moments

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