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Expo City Dubai opens Alif and Terra pavilions for visitors

Emirati women account for 60% of workers at Expo 2020 Dubai

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The Expo City Dubai opened the Alif Mobility and Terra Sustainability Pavilions in preparation for receiving visitors in many distinguished destinations during the current and next two months so that the Expo’s magic will continue, a global home for creativity, a model for future cities, and an environmentally friendly city supported by technology.

"The city is a destination for innovation, creativity, business and entertainment, and we opened the "Terra" and " Alif " pavilions for sustainability and mobility, and next October, Al Wasl Square will open, vision and woman pavilions, surreal waterfalls and children's play areas.

Later this year, the Opportunity Pavilion will become the Expo 2020 Dubai Museum, a new addition that highlights the history and impact of the international exhibition, and celebrates the success of the event.

The authorities pointed out that Expo Dubai is an extension of the legacy of the global event Expo 2020 Dubai, as research during the period of its holding showed that more than 96% of "Terra" visitors changed their personal behaviour to preserve the environment and sustainability and move towards a cleaner and healthier world, and that the experience inspired them to change.

The organisers pointed out that "more than 90% of Alif visitors have come to see the UAE and the Arab world as an example of progress and prosperity, so our message in the opening of the pavilion is our contribution to the continuation of this legacy and to raising awareness to inspire future generations.”

The authorities explained that the "Alif " pavilion explains that mobility is the basis of human progress, as visitors move from the Saruq Al-Hadid site from the past to the golden age in the Arab world, where Arabs were distinguished by discovering and inventing many inventions that still have an impact on our lives and learn about the role of the UAE in transportation and how its contribution to human progress. Finally, visitors will travel to the future to see how each of us has the choice to create a better future for all.”

The organisers said: “It is the Sustainability Pavilion that shows us how nature is similar to humans and presents a world-class model for the highest standards and sustainable practices in design and architecture, and encourages visitors to re-evaluate their relationship with the environment on an immersive journey to the bottom of the oceans and the depths of forests.”

The organisers stressed that the Expo City is open to the public, and they can visit it and wander between its pavilions for Dhs50 per pavilion, and that entry is free to the "Terra" and "Alif" pavilions for people of determination and children aged 12 years or younger.

Visitors can use the services available such as buggies, the Expo Explorer train, electric scooters and electric bikes for a fee.


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