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Woman fails to arrange a maid, refuses to return Dhs15,000 she took for the purpose


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Aya El Deeb, Staff Reporter

A man filed a lawsuit before the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Cases Court, demanding that a woman pay him Dhs15,000, 12% legal interest, and Dhs5,000 in compensation for the damages he incurred, in addition to the fees and expenses of the lawsuit.

The man explained that when he wanted to bring in a housemaid, the appellee told him that she worked for a well known maid’s office and could bring the maid to him, so he transferred her Dhs15,000 in payments via bank transfers, but the woman took the money and did not bring the maid.

The appellant also affirmed that he repeatedly asked her to return the amount, but she did not do.

He reportedly attached to his lawsuit copies of messages between him and the woman via the WhatsApp.

The court indicated that the papers and the electronic messages between the two parties via WhatsApp proved that the appellant paid Dhs15,000 to the appellee and that he demanded her to repay the amount several times, but she delayed.

The court added that the appellee acknowledged in one of the messages her readiness to return Dhs6,000 and resolve the matter amicably.

Accordingly, the court obligated the woman to pay Dhs15,000 to the man and Dhs800 in compensation for all the damages incurred by him, in addition to obligating her to pay the fees and expenses of the lawsuit.

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