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Teenager kills a boy over a football match in Jordan

Hassan Abu Ramadan.

Gulf Today Report

The security forces in Jordan arrested a 16-year-old teenager who caused the death of a 12-year-old boy named Hassan Abu Ramadan by dropping a stone directly at his head due to the result of a football match.

The incident that sparked widespread outrage is linked it to sports fanaticism that spans generations in Jordan. Through the social networking websites, people expressed great indignation immediately after circulating pictures of Abu Ramadan’s injury, with fractures in his head before he breathed his last.

It was said that a boy had dropped “brick” from one of the buildings on the head of the victim Hassan to express his dissatisfaction with the loss of his favorite football team. According to the information, Abu Ramadan was celebrating the result of his team's victory in the street in Marka, east of Amman, on Friday evening, before suddenly receiving the brick from the top of the building, leading to his death on the spot.

The security officials confirmed the juvenile had been arrested and he had confessed to his act, citing his anger over the result of the football match. He had been referred to the judicial authorities for further legal actions, the officials added.

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