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84 per cent of Indians think global warming is happening: Survey


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Former American President Donald Trump may think climate change is a hoax, invented by China, but people in other parts of the world don’t think so. And that includes Indians. They think global warming is happening.

According to a nationwide survey, 84 per cent of Indians seem convinced that global warming is a reality. And that it just can’t be brushed aside.

This is 15 per cent higher than in 2011 when 69 per cent of Indians thought that global warming was a reality, according to Indo-Asian News Service.

The survey was conducted by CVoter on behalf of the Yale Programme of Climate Change Communication.

It was conducted between October 2021 and January 2022 and covered 4,619 adult Indians above the age of 18.

However, there was something else that the survey revealed: that a lot of them either knew little or had no clue about what global warming was and how it affected the weather changes in various parts of the world.

The survey reveals that 54 per cent of Indians  either know just a little about global warming or have never heard of it while a small minority of 9 per cent stated that they knew a lot about global warming.

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