VIDEO: Jordanian woman cries and warns of Naira Ashraf’s fate befalling her after man threatens her - GulfToday

VIDEO: Jordanian woman cries and warns of Naira Ashraf’s fate befalling her after man threatens her


A combo image shows the woman pleading to the King for help.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

Jordanians have reacted to the video clip posted by a girl on her account in the TikTok application, crying while asking for an appeal to protect her.

Through the video, the girl appealed to the King of Jordan to protect her from someone who threatened her life, and who burned her car.

She indicated her fear that she would meet the same fate as the Egyptian girl, Naira Ashraf, who was killed by a person she refused to marry.

The Jordanian General Security issued a statement on Thursday morning, revealing many aspects of what happened, referring to the video clip.

It indicated that the incident was dealt with from the moment it was reported that there was a vehicle fire inside the garage of one of the buildings.

The officers confirmed that the girl had filed a complaint against a person, so he was summoned and referred to the judiciary, and it was decided to detain him in a correctional and rehabilitation center for a week, while the search is underway for another person suspected of involvement in the vehicle fire incident.
In June, a man disguised as a student shot a female Jordanian student dead at her university campus.

The Jordanian Public Security issued a statement about the details of the crime, stating that an anonymous person entered the university campus and killed a female student, known as Iman Irsheed, who was studying at the Private University of Applied Sciences.

Iman was studying nursing at the university.

The statement clarified that the culprit fled the scene while the student was taken to the nearest hospital, but she died due to the fact that she was shot in the heart, amid a state of panic and horror of the scene.

The killer later committed suicide when surrounded by Jordanian security forces.   

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