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VIDEO: Tesla will assist police probe into fatal crash in China

A videograb shows charred Tesla lies at the side of a road in China.

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US auto giant Tesla said on Sunday it would help Chinese police investigate a collision with one of its Model Y cars, after local media reports that two people were killed and three others injured when the driver lost control of the car.

The accident occurred on November 5 in south China's Guangdong Province, killing a motorcyclist and a female high school student, according to media reports.

"Police are currently seeking third-party estimates to determine the truth behind this incident, and we will actively provide any assistance necessary," said the electric carmaker owned by billionaire Elon Musk, warning against believing "rumours."

China is the second largest market for Tesla cars, and the accident was among the most popular topics on the social networking platform Weibo on Sunday.

The local media report quoted traffic police as saying that the cause of the accident in Chaozhou city had not yet been determined, and that an unnamed family member of the 55-year-old driver said he had problems with the brake pedal when he was about to stop in front of a family store.

Tesla said the videos showed that the brake lights were not visible when the car was speeding, and that its data showed problems such as the driver not applying the brakes throughout the car's journey.

Tesla has previously faced allegations of faulty brakes in China.

In its statement to Reuters, the company said a Chinese car owner had been ordered by a court to make a public apology and compensate the company after ruling that comments he made to media about car brake problems were contrary to the facts and that they damaged Tesla's reputation.

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