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VIDEO: Made in UAE ‘intelligent’ light tactical vehicle turns heads at IDEX


A LRV on display at IDEX in Abu Dhabi on Monday.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

The Emirati company Calidus, revealed the LRV-20 at the IDEX and NAVDEX 2023 exhibition, the “light tactical vehicle, with advanced specifications that is characterised by flexibility of movement in synergy with high-performance weapon systems and intelligence missions.

The company said that the vehicle is of local production, and represents an indispensable addition to the arsenal of the ground forces, and has tactical features designed to support front-line reconnaissance on the battlefield, rapid attack, air deployment, and fire support missions.

The company stated that this vehicle was designed taking into account its ability to be easily equipped and configured for limited missions and weapons stations, and the goal is to obtain a small, highly mobile vehicle that is able to accomplish tasks effectively, and is able to avoid surveillance and targeting through stealth and agility.

The experts indicated that the LRV-20 vehicle focuses on all-terrain performance using low ground pressure, differential locks, adjustable suspension, semi-automatic tire inflation system, long-range fuel tank, good approach and departure angles and the ability to move on steep trails.


The authorities also said: “The vehicle can be equipped with advanced communications technology that provides bandwidth for data sent from the operations area to the command room, and to receive appropriate directions. In addition, satellite communication devices can be installed to ensure safe communications in all circumstances for reconnaissance and cooperative teamwork, and bypass enemy locations and potential threats to reach targets quickly.

Officials added: “The configuration capabilities of the “LRV-20” mechanism enable the work team to conduct a variety of tactical and security tasks, including rapid intervention, surveillance, intelligence gathering and providing fire support, while modern blitzkrieg techniques and awareness of field conditions enable the crew to Obtaining real-time information, accessing communications with the operating room, gathering intelligence and integrating the task force into a broader mission as needed.


The Emirati “Calidus” indicated that the high speed, driving quality, comfort of the crew and soldiers on rough roads and difficult terrain make the LRV-20 “among the best low-cost light tactical vehicles available on the market, as it can perform a wide range of tasks thanks to its configurability and integration of weapon systems.” It is controlled remotely, and the armament system allows firing from a distance and with high accuracy, while the structure of the mechanism is designed to be highly adaptable to basic tasks and functions and allows the formation of 4 personnel, or alternatively 3 with the gunner stationed in the back.

The authorities indicated that the “LRV-20” was built in accordance with military standards and the International Federation of Vehicles in correcting the structure of the mechanism, to ensure the highest levels of safety for its passengers.

The platform design includes a safe rear cargo box, additional ammunition storage, and recovery equipment. It is tactical, highly mobile, reliable performance, and low maintenance.

The experts confirmed that this light tactical vehicle quickly adapts to the urgent and diverse transportation needs, as the CH-47 Chinook military transport aircraft can transport two LRV-20 vehicles simultaneously and for the purposes of deployment and rapid and safe evacuation, and the UH-60 helicopter can Black Hawk transports a single vehicle using winches via the vehicle's integrated suspension and tie-down points.

Whether transported by air, land or sea, this vehicle is always ready for deployment and engagement missions, giving forces the reliability, effectiveness and performance required for combat environments.

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