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Rocket fire from Lebanon targets Israel after Al Aqsa clashes

Israeli policemen stand next to smoke from a fire following incoming rockets from Lebanon to Israel in Bezet. Reuters

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Israeli media reported that dozens of missiles were fired from southern Lebanon towards Israel in 10 minutes, while the artillery responded by bombing several sites.

The attack came amid heightened tensions after Israeli police clashed with Palestinians inside Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque before dawn on Wednesday and again in the evening.

The Israeli army intercepted a number of missiles.

Israeli media confirmed that 100 missiles were fired from southern Lebanon towards Israel. According to the Israeli Broadcasting Authority, two settlers were injured in the missile attack from southern Lebanon.

Separately, the army announced that warning sirens sounded in several locations in the north, and Israel activated the alert in additional settlements in the western Galilee, according to local media.

Israel bombed the outskirts of two towns in southern Lebanon with heavy artillery, according to the official National News Agency, in response to targeting them with shells fired by unknown persons from the same area.

The agency stated that "the Israeli occupation artillery bombarded with a number of heavy shells on the outskirts of the towns of Qulailah and Al-Maaliyah in the Tire district," after the area witnessed "the firing of a number of Katyusha rockets" towards Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will hold consultations with army and security chiefs over the developments.

In a related context, the Lebanese army began to deploy on the border with Israel to locate the rocket launch.

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