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Eid is all about sharing and caring, say expats


The faithful offer Taraweeh prayers at Al Noor Mosque, Sharjah. Photo: Kamal Kassim

Raghib Hassan, Staff Reporter

The UAE is at its festive best this Eid Al Fitr and residents of the UAE are geared up to celebrate the festival with their family and friends. People are very much excited and are looking forward to it. Even school-going children are excited as they have got a long break.  A number of people have decided to celebrate Eid with their family back home also and they are planning to fly out of the UAE. Those who are in the country are busy shopping for the festival.  Malls across the UAE are filled with people.  People are rushing to buy dresses for their children. The last few days of Ramadan go into finding dresses for children. Eid is the time when people meet and greet their friends and family members.  Shopping malls across the UAE, Deira, Bur Dubai, Al Ghurair Market Sharjah are flooded with shoppers.

Sharjah-based Indian expat Tufail A. Khan is busy shopping and making a list for inviting his friends. He said, “I always make sure to invite all my friends and family members on Eid. I stay at home on Eid day to welcome all my friends.” This is going to be his 17th Eid in Sharjah and he is very excited about it.  For me Eid is all about food. I make sure to have all kind of food which I grew up on in India,” he added.


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Dubai-based Indian resident Rashid Ahsan is also excited about Eid and is looking forward to the Eid announcement. He is going to Abu Dhabi to meet his extended family. Rashid said, “For me Eid is all about meeting friends and family members. Most of my family members are in Abu Dhabi so after Eid prayer I drive all the way to Abu Dhabi with my family to spend my time with them.” 

Another young Sharjah resident, Zaina Hasan, is also excited for Eid. She is excited to meet her friends on this day. She said, “I always go out with my school friends and spend a day eating out with them. This is one day my father allows me to step out of my house. So I enjoy it thoroughly.” Later in the evening she goes to meet her relatives with family members and take blessings from the elders of her family.

Eid is all about eating good food.

She added, “One thing I never miss is calling my grandfather and mother who are in India. I always start my day with their blessings.  I talk to them on Zoom and show my dress and henna,” she added.

But Ajman resident Muhammed Moattar said, Eid is all about eating good food. He said, “Though I always follow a diet throughout the year, on this day I indulge myself in eating everything that comes my way. No diet during the festival.

 “I eat everything on Eid. To me celebration is all about food. No celebration can be complete without good food. I also invite all my friends and colleagues on this day at my home to offer them delicious home food cooked at home,” he added. But for Shah Farooq, this Eid is going to be very special. He has been living in Ajman for 5 years but this is the first time he has invited his family from India to join him on Eid.

Sharing his happiness, he said, “I am extremely happy this Eid. My family has come from India to celebrate Eid with me. I am running here and there to buy best dresses for my daughters. I want to make this Eid memorable for them. I have also invited my office colleagues to my home after Eid prayer. I have arranged a BBQ party at my home for my guests,” he shared. 

Dubai-based Indian resident Maureen Imam has another plan for Eid. She said, “I make lots of traditional food at home. My day starts at 4am on Eid Day. I prepare lots of food then I go out to the labour camp with my husband to distribute food to them. I believe Eid is all about sharing and caring so I should do something for society. I always make sure to spend some time with those people who are away from their family.  This I always tell to my children. We should have affection for our society,” she concluded.



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