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Sharjah's Eid is a festive treat that displays immense warmth

Al Qasba is a must-visit destination in Sharjah.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Sharjah, a renowned tourist destination throughout the year, takes on a different vibrancy during Eid, offering visitors a family-friendly atmosphere. Known for its fusion of Arab and Islamic culture with a global and human dimension, the diverse environment in Sharjah promises an unparalleled and distinctive experience that will be etched in its visitors’ memories.

As the blessed occasion of Eid Al-Fitr approaches, the emirate brims with activities, events, and places that foster an intimate atmosphere, welcoming its residents and visitors, families and friends from different nationalities, cultures, and ages.

From adventurous individuals seeking interesting experiences to those looking to enjoy charming nature, picturesque beaches, gardens, green parks, and family-friendly activities, Sharjah caters for everyone. The festive spirit of Eid envelops the emirate both inside and outside, ensuring an enjoyable and unforgettable time for all.

Exploring the Authentic Eid Traditions in the Emirate of Sharjah

The blessed Eid Al-Fitr brings with it a rich array of customs and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation in the Emirate of Sharjah. As the occasion approaches, families prepare for the festivities by buying new clothes, Eid Kahk (Eid Cookies) and desserts, decorating their homes, and exchanging Eid greetings with family and relatives.

 Sharjah promises a wholesome entertainment for the whole family.

Sharjah offers a unique shopping experience for both residents and visitors during this special occasion. The emirate boasts a variety of contemporary shopping centres and malls that provide exclusive offers and discounts, along with entertainment facilities such as cinemas, game areas, and restaurants.

Moreover, Sharjah is home to a large number of popular and heritage markets that offer a glimpse of the emirate's originality, spirit, and identity. These markets include the downtown “Textile Souk”, which hosts the best textile shops, “Souq Saqr” with a diverse array of spices, perfumes, essential oils, herbs, and nuts, as well as “Souq Al Shanasiyah”, “Souq Al Arsah”, the “Central Souk”, and many more.

Takbeers (Utterance of Allahu akbar) and Prayers

As the sun rises on Eid Al-Fitr, the Emirate of Sharjah is filled with the resounding echoes of the Eid takbeers that flood the 3,005 mosques and prayer places across the emirate. The day marks a time for neighbours, families, and friends to come together and attend the special Eid prayers at one of Sharjah’s distinctive mosques.

 Visitors enjoy a ride along the Al Qasba canal.

Among the most popular prayer destinations are the Eid prayer mosque in “Al Bda’i Eid Prayer Area”, “Al Noor'' Mosque, “Sheikh Saud Al Qasimi” Mosque, and “First Rashidun Caliph” Mosque. These mosques open their doors early in preparation for the Eid Takbeers and prayers, as worshippers flock to them for prayers.

Community Initiatives

The true spirit of Eid is reflected in the community's cohesion and love of giving, and various efforts come together to spread joy and happiness among families and children. Charitable organisations such as “The Big Heart Foundation” and “Sharjah Charity International” have organised initiatives to provide new clothes and gifts for children from low-income families and beneficiaries from needy families, while “Friends of Cancer Patients Foundation” brought happiness to children with cancer through the same.

The initiatives aim to share the joy of Eid with those who are less fortunate and involve them in the celebrations. Additionally, Sharjah’s Social Services Department launched the "Joy of Eid" initiative, which aims to bring happiness to 3,000 children.

The initiative is one of many community projects implemented annually by the Department, with contributors hailing from all segments of society, including government entities within the emirate. These community initiatives reflect the true meaning of Eid and demonstrate the spirit of giving and doing good that prevails during this joyous occasion.

Non-Stop Fun and Adventure

Sharjah is never short of activities during the Eid holiday. Visitors can expect an array of events, activities, and discounts across various destinations and experiences in Sharjah. “Al Qasba”, “Al Majaz Waterfront”, “Zawaya Walk”, and “Aljada” are just some of the popular destinations in Sharjah that welcome visitors with exciting activities and entertainment.

But that's not all, as luxurious hospitality destinations and facilities in Sharjah also offer a range of entertainment and hospitality packages. Families can indulge in hotels like The Chedi Al Bait Sharjah, Pullman Sharjah, DoubleTree by Hilton Sharjah Waterfront Hotel & Residences, among other destinations. If you're interested in uncovering the secrets of nature's treasures, you can enjoy specialised programmes at the Mleiha Archaeological Centre.

And if you're a fan of desert adventures and sand dune excursions, there are plenty of retreat options available, including the Mysk Al Faya Retreat. Sharjah is not holding back in enjoying the spirit of Eid with a plethora of activities and events that are rich and varied in nature. Both visitors and residents of Sharjah can enjoy the spectacular fireworks across multiple tourist and entertainment destinations throughout the emirate.

They can also attend various theatrical performances such as the "Monsters Munch'' show held in City Centre Al Zahia, where 11 artists come together to present a singing and dancing show in a world-class show performance along with a roaming entertainment of hip-hop/break-dance professional dancers.

Natural Beauty of Sharjah's Beaches and Parks

As Eid approaches, Sharjah's picturesque beaches and gardens are set to attract visitors who seek relaxation and rejuvenation during the holidays. From the coasts of the Arabian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman, there are beaches for strolling, swimming, water and beach sports, including Al Hira Beach, Al Khan Beach, Al Mamzar Beach, Kalba Beach, Khorfakkan Beach, and Al Hamriya Beach.

Visitors can also kayak at the charming Al Rafisah Dam in Khorfakkan. For those who prefer the tranquillity of gardens and parks, there are several options such as Splash Park, Al Majaz Waterfront, Sharjah National Park, Al Rahmaniah Parks (the adjoining Kshisha and Shaghrafa parks), Al Montazah Parks, which includes two attractions: “Pearls Kingdom” water park and and “Island of Legends” amusement park. Families can also visit the Sharjah Aquarium to see rare marine creatures or can head to Al Noor Island to enjoy entertainment facilities, art galleries, and the Butterfly House.



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