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Private schools prohibited to increase fees without Digital Government's approval

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Abdulrahman Saeed, Staff Reporter

The digital government (DGOV) affirmed that it is prohibited that a private school increases educational fees or imposes any additional ones on its activities without obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Education (MoE) or the educational authority.

DGOV indicated that there are 18 obligations that any  private school must fulfill, including providing all educational, administrative, health and environmental requirements, security and safety requirements within its premises, appointment of qualified teachers and administrative and technical staffs, in accordance with the instructions and guidelines specified by the executive regulations of Federal Decree-Law No 18 of 2020 regarding private education.

The obligations also include maintaining academic quality, and implementing the requirements by the private school following the Ministry of Education's curriculum, submitting an annual report to the MoE or to the educational authority on the academic, financial and administrative status of the school.

The DGOV also stated that private schools should facilitate the tasks of employees authorised by the MoE or by the educational authority to carry out auditing and evaluation. 

The school must establish records and files for students and staffs, DGOV indicated, adding that teachers and principals must have professional licence from the MoE, in accordance with the controls.

Schools also must preserve Islamic and Arab principles and values, public morals, traditions and regime of the UAE, beside respecting the national identity and sovereignty, DGOV stressed.

All staffs of the private school must have a good reputation, not previously convicted of a crime or misdemeanour involving breach of honour or trust, unless rehabilitated, DGOV added.

The obligations, according to the DGOV also include not changing the name of the school, its address, the partners in the licence, its building, its facilities, or the educational curriculum the school follows, or making any substantial modification to its activities before obtaining a prior approval of the MoE or from the educational authority.

The national anthem must be played besides raising the flag of the UAE, DGOV affirmed, pointing out that it is not allowed to place pictures or paintings of personalities or symbols other than the leaders of the UAE, according to the obligations.

It is also banned to use the school and its facilities for purposes other than those authorised for it, or carry out any other additional activities or training courses without obtaining the approval of the MoE or the educational authority.

Private schools are also prohibited to hold lectures or seminars which are not related to educational activity, according to the DGOV.

They are also not allowed to organise any field or official visits to the school or invite external speakers without obtaining the approval of the MoE or the educational authority, the DGOV affirmed.

The DGOV also stressed the necessity to adopt a clear policy which takes into account equality and non-discrimination between students on the grounds of race, gender, creed or social level.

The DGOV explained that the private school also must deal with students and their parents without prejudice, beside providing qualified environment and programmes which support educational needs of students of determination.

The school administration must adhere to the safety and security policy set by the MoE or the educational authority, and to the terms and requirements related to school transportation in accordance with the legislation in force in this regard, DGOV added.

The school is responsible for the safety and protection of students during the school day inside the school and in its facilities and buses, and during any student activity outside of it, according to the DGOV.

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