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Dubai Police’s 'Live Tips' foster culture of safety among university students


Top Dubai Police officers and students attend the lecture. WAM

Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, has reviewed the development plan for the 'Live Tips' initiative, aiming to raise awareness among university students in various programmes and specialities on security, police, and societal topics, while utilising their capabilities, energy, and potential to support and develop multiple police and security projects and initiatives.

The appraisal meeting was attended by Brigadier Dr Saleh Al Hamrani, Deputy Director-General of Excellence and Pioneering; Colonel Dr Ibrahim Bin Saba Al Marri, President of the Dubai Police Innovation Council; Colonel Dr Mansour Al Balushi, Director of Scholarships and Recruitment Department at the General Department of Human Resources; and Captain Dr Hamed Abdullah Murad, General Supervisor of Dubai Police Council for University and College Students, along with several officers.

Dr Mansour Al Balushi explained the development plan for the "Live Tips" initiative, which includes four main areas: Interactive Live Tips, Live Tips Podcast, Visual Live Tips, and Employee Live Tips.

"The initiative will involve pioneering partnerships with leading media institutions, influential content creators, international educational institutions, and youth and student councils, as well as invitations to influential local and international speakers from Dubai Police and youth categories," he said.

Dr Al Balushi stated that since its launch in 2020, the "Live Tips" platform had garnered 462,000 viewers from 54 nationalities, benefitting 45,000 individuals, including college and university students, Dubai Police employees, and various entities.

The beneficiaries include 32,000 college and university students, 6,000 Dubai Police employees, 4,000 school students, and 3,000 external audiences.

Dr Al Balushi also mentioned that 160 lectures were organised under the initiative that addressed 166 topics, including security, police, awareness, society, knowledge, education, happiness, and quality of life.

Toward the end of the meeting, Lt. Gen. Al Marri directed establishing strategic partnerships with various related media and educational institutions and collaboration with global companies to develop the "Live Tips” platform, ensuring its accessibility to all targeted segments.



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