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Popular Emirati man falls to his death from Ras Al Khaimah Mountain in search of traditional honey

Salem Ahmed Al Haimer and an official pose with a photo-frame on traditional pottery.

Adnan Okasha, Staff Reporter

A young Emirati, Salem Ahmed Al Haimer Al Shmeili, died after falling from a mountainous area in Ras Al Khaimah.
According to Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Al Mazyoud, Head of Al Rams Comprehensive Police Station, the young Emirati, who was in the habit of going to the mountains, went on a picnic but never came home.

“A search team was formed from Al Rams Comprehensive Police Station, National Search and Rescue Centre and National Ambulance, with the participation of a number of inhabitants of the area, who were more familiar with its terrain,” Al Mazyoud said.

Friends and close associates of the deceased, Salem Ahmed Al Haimer Al Shmeili, 36, stated that he died during a traditional trip to search for honey in the mountains surrounding his area.

His tragic death left behind a state of sadness and grief in the area in which he was known for participating in voluntary, community and heritage work, they said.

Despite his painful death, the victim is an accomplished mountain climber, who had been accustomed to mountain trips since he was a little child.

The deceased was a government employee born in Wadi Haqil area of the town of Shamal in Ras Al-Khaimah in 1987 and was survived by three male children, Salem’s relatives and friends said.

During his last trip, Salem left alone and without any companion after the Asr prayer at around 4pm on Saturday, they said. As he was absent for a long time and did not return at the usual time, his family, relatives and friends went in search of him and managed to find him at around 2:50am on Sunday after almost two hours of continuous search.

Sulaman Al Kizi, a well-known personality in Shamal and a relative of the deceased, indicated that Salem was a lover of mountains and was known of frequenting heights, according to the customs and traditions of the inhabitants of his area.

He was keen to be among the volunteers in search and rescue operations for the missing and injured people in the mountains of the area, he said, adding that he also contributed to helping policemen and rescue teams in the heights.

His uncle, Salem Mohammed Al Shmeili, said: “Salem fell for a distance of around 60 meters, noting that the deceased had a smiling face and that his father was still alive, while his mother passed away around 10 years ago.”

Abdullah Al Saroumi, a friend of the deceased, said: “Salem was fond of the popular and national heritage, specifically the heritage of Shamal and Ras Al Khaimah in general.

“He was a descendant of a family known since the past for the traditional pottery industry in Wadi Haqil and Shamal. His grandfather and father used to work in the manufacture of pottery utensils in the past, and he himself was a practitioner and master of this industry and was keen on teaching it to younger people and children.”

Al Saroumi pointed out that the deceased used to go to the mountains in search of mud, used in making pottery and climbing mountains was his hobby since he was a little child. He was known for this activity and passion since he was approximately 12-14 years old, he said, adding that he was also interested in the local Emirati herbs and was always looking for them in his mountain trips.

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