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Saudi man meets his mother after 32 years of separation over family dispute

Turki Khaled Al Sunaid withy his mother.

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In a story stranger than fiction, a Saudi young man was finally able to meet his Egyptian mother, after a separation of about 32 years, as family disputes between his parents caused their separation.

According to international media that reported the news, the Saudi embassy in Cairo managed to reunite the young man, Turki Khaled Al Sunaid, with his mother, who was deprived of her at the age of four.

In the details of the story, during his mother’s visit to Cairo to see her family, a dispute occurred between the spouses, which led to his father’s separation from his mother in Egypt, and he returned to Saudi Arabia with the child without his mother, and she was told after a period of time that her son had died, while he was living with his grandmother in the Kingdom.

He remained in the care of his grandmother until she died when he was 16 years old.

Then he moved to live with one of his elderly female relatives, until he got married at the age of 28.

Throughout that period of time, which lasted 32 years, Turki was searching for his mother through the Egyptian embassy in Riyadh, but in vein.

After losing hope, he decided to travel to Egypt to search for her, and went to the Saudi embassy in Cairo, where he found all the papers related to his parents' file.

The concerned authorities in Egypt were immediately contacted, who began searching for the missing mother, until they found her.

The the Saudi embassy contacted her and told her about her son, who she thought had died.

When Turki was finally reunited with his mother while appeared next to her, he said that he did not believe at first that he had finally found his mother.

He told media after all his efforts to find her through family and acquaintances bore no fruits, he finally decided to travel to Egypt immediately after Eid Al Fitr,.

During the emotional meeting, the young man cried and the mother struggled to hold back her tears.

She seemed amazed at the unbelievable sequence of events that has happened.

Sshe indicated that she tried a lot to communicate with her son in Saudi Arabia, but she did not succeed in that because of the refusal of her ex-husband's family.

She confirmed that she spoke to them on the phone several times and asked them to hear his voice only… however, they refused, and told her that they had told him that she had died, so she asked them to hear his voice over the phone and not tell him that she was his mother, but her rquest was refused.

And later she was told that he had died, so she did not believe when she learned that her son is there and looking for her.

The mother expressed the mixed feelings when she saw her son for the first time after 32 long years.

Her son was happy and made her to talk to his wife and child also.


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