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Egyptian Imam dies while delivering Friday sermon

of Sheikh Mohammed Abdo Antili.

Mahmoud Ads, Gulf Today

An Imam of a mosque in Egypt passed away while he was on the Minbar to deliver the Friday sermon (Khutbah) to worshippers.

He fell unconscious, so he was immediately taken to the hospital, where he was declared dead due to a heart attack. It was said that he was in his forties.

The people of Al Heish village, Qassaseen city, Ismailia Governorate, attended the funeral procession of Sheikh Mohammed Abdo Antili, preacher and Imam of the Quba’a Mosque in the village.

The deceased's neighbour said that the Sheikh had been suffering from heart disease during the past few years and was constantly visiting some doctors because he complained more than once about the heart disorder and exposure to health crises.

It was also that he was delivering the “Khutba” minutes before his death, about the virtues of seeking forgiveness.

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