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Woman poisons her 3 children due to disputes with ex-husband in Egypt

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Mahmoud Ads, Gulf Today

Three children were killed by their mother, who deliberately decided to get rid of them for the fear of her ex-husband taking them and winning their custody battle in Egypt.

The incident took place in a village in the Upper Egypt’s governorate Sohag.

A mother of three children emotionlessly and without the meanings of motherhood, confessed that she had put poison pills (insecticide) in her children's meal to kill them. And then she reported to the police that her children had accidentally taken insecticide.

Through the investigations, the security teams were able to uncover the mystery and circumstances of the incident, after they found the mother’s statement fishy.


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The authorities found out that the mother had deliberately poisoned her children, according to the Egyptian local media.

The investigation revealed that the accused was in constant disputes with her ex-husband, and that she filed “Khulʿ” lawsuit (a procedure through which a woman can divorce herself from her husband in Islam).

It was also learnt that the ex-husband demanded that she include the children in his custody and insisted on taking them from her.

In interrogation, the mother confessed to committing the crime, attributing her act to that she intended to get rid of the children in revenge against her husband.

She told the police that she had taken them for a walk, and bought them meals and juices in which she put the insecticide, which the children ate and then died immediately.

The Public Prosecution in the city of Sohag ordered the detention of the defendant for 4 days pending investigation on charges of killing her three children, who aged between 6-10 years, due to disputes between her and ex-husband.

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