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UAE prohibits import or use of mercury-operated thermometers, Blood Presssure devices

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Salam Abu Shehab, Staff Reporter

The UAE Cabinet issued the Resolution No. 90 of 2023 regarding the technical regulation for mandatory requirements for medical and laboratory measuring instruments.

The Resolution has prohibited import and use of mercury thermometers and mercury blood pressure devices for medical uses in health facilities. It also forbids use of syringes more than once.

It also indicated that any imported medical or laboratory measuring devices must subject to means of verification approved by the competent authorities, and meet standard occupational health and safety standards, to avoid any potential risks.

The Resolution also applies to the legal measuring instruments used in health facilities in the country.

It is also applied to instruments imported or manufactured for these purposes, including digital medical thermometers, electro-medical thermometers, non-invasive mechanical medical blood pressure monitors, non-intvasive automated blood pressure monitors, pipettes and flasks inserted, density meters, burets, inserted cylinders, syringes, measuring instruments verified by reference materials, ionizing radiation dosimetry equipment, measuring instruments that must be standard-certified. 

The local manufacturer or supplier of the medical and laboratory instruments mentioned in the decision is responsible for the conformity of all these tools to the requirements, the decision said.

Also user of medical and laboratory tools is responsible for using them in case they do not bear a valid verification or calibration mark.

Suppliers are advised to adjust their status in accordance with the provisions of this resolution within 6 months, as it will take effect as of Sept.25, 2023.

Medical and laboratory measuring tool loses validity of verification or calibration period, if it is maintained or repaired in the area that affects the measurement result, the decision added.

It also pointed out that verification or calibration operations are not allowed to be carried out for the imported medical and laboratory instruments except by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, and any government entity, whether federal, local or private, authorized by the Ministry to carry out such tasks and powers stipulated in the decision.

It further clarified that if it is found that the medical and laboratory measurement tool does not meet the requirements stipulated in the decision, in a way that affects instrument’s system, the necessary measures shall be taken by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, including withdrawing it from markets and restricting its use, unless its situation be corrected, despite the availability of certificates of conformity.

Moreover, the decision allows the Ministry's inspectors, authorized bodies or competent authorities to conduct other examinations to ensure that these tools contained in this decision comply with the mandatory requirements stipulated in the technical regulations or other legislation in force in the country.

The Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, in coordination with the competent authority, shall issue the necessary decisions to implement the provisions of this resolution.

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