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Sharjah Ruler issues decree on reorganisation of SDAD


Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi

His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, has issued Decree-Law No. (5) of 2023 regarding the reorganisation of the Sharjah Districts Affairs Department (SDAD).

The decree stipulated that the name of the Sharjah Department of Suburbs and Villages Affairs (SDSVA) shall become “Department of Suburbs Affairs in the Emirate of Sharjah.”

According to the decree, the department shall have the legal personality and legal capacity necessary to achieve its objectives and exercise its powers.

It shall be affiliated with the central government of Sharjah.

The main headquarters of the department shall be in the city of Sharjah.

It may, by decision of the Executive Council, establish branches or offices in the rest of the cities and regions of the emirate.

The Department of Suburbs Affairs in the Emirate of Sharjah shall aim to achieve the following:

1. To be a link between citizens and concerned parties to convey the citizen’s voice in the service, educational, health, cultural and social fields.

2. Strengthening the social cohesion and good neighbourly relations among residents of residential neighbourhoods.

3. Raising awareness and enhancing general societal culture.

4. Contributing to maintaining security, tranquillity and human dignity in society.

5. Achieving the principle of community partnership between school, family and society.

According to the decree, in order to achieve its objectives, the department shall exercise the following powers:

1. Drawing up general policies, developing strategic plans, proposing legislation and regulations for the department and suburban councils, and presenting them to the Executive Council to decide what it deems appropriate.

2. Proposing the establishment of suburban councils and their scope of work, submitting proposals to the Ruler or Executive Council, and following up on their implementation with the relevant authorities.

3. Supervising suburban councils, approving their activities and programmes, and following up on the proper progress of work therein.

4. Working to implement the recommendations of the suburban councils and submit the necessary observations, proposals and recommendations to the Ruler or the Executive Council.

5. Holding periodic meetings of the suburb councils, or whenever necessary, to review all developments, discuss common topics, and make appropriate decisions regarding them.

6. Organising, hosting and participating in community events and activities in coordination with the relevant authorities.

7. Preparing research and studies on societal phenomena affecting residents of residential neighbourhoods and on public facilities and services provided therein, in coordination with suburban councils and concerned authorities and submitting them to the Executive Council.

8. Coordinating between suburban councils and concerned parties to conduct studies to prevent crime in order to achieve a safe and stable environment.

9. Following up on the affairs of the families of deceased citizens in Sharjah.

10. Technical, administrative and financial supervision of the parents’ councils of male and female students in the cities and regions of Sharjah.

11. Concluding contracts, agreements, memoranda of understanding and partnerships after being approved by the Executive Council.

12. Seeking the assistance of the relevant authorities to obtain administrative and technical support; and it may seek the assistance of experts, consultants, and specialised expert houses in everything related to its work to achieve its goals.

13. Any other powers assigned to the Department by the Ruler or Executive Council.

The decree also stipulates that the department shall have a head appointed by an Emiri decree who will be assisted by a sufficient number of employees in accordance with its organisational structure.

The head shall have the necessary powers and authorities to manage the affairs of the department and take the necessary decisions to achieve its goals.


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