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Donald Trump’s lookalike sells ice-cream in Pakistan, video goes viral


A combo image of Trump and his doppelganger.

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Thanks to the social media, netizens have come across many celebrity-lookalikes, sometimes in farthest locations doing entirely different jobs. The latest in the list is a doppelganger of former US president Donald Trump, in Pakistan.

It is said that somewhere on this planet, there is someone who looks exactly, or almost, like you.

Such striking similarities, in some cases, are not difficult to find, whether it is among ordinary people or celebrities. Indonesian photographer Ilham Anas bears a striking resemblance to former US president Barack Obama.

The man, who is in his mid-40s and has not been named, but locals call him ‘Chacha Bagga,’ was first noticed by residents when he was singing the ingredients of his ice creams in Urdu (Pakistan national language). In the video, the man, who works as a kulfi vendor (selling a type of ice-cream in his cart), not only look like Donald Trump but also has a melodious voice.

As seen in the recent video, he is singing. “Aye Kulfi … Kulfi Aaa… Khoya Kulfi, Kulfi, Kulfi,” while trying to tell the residents that he has arrived on the streets with his famous kulfi.

His first video was shared on Instagram and Twitter by Pakistani singer Shehzad Roy, who praised the ice-cream seller's impressive voice and asked if anyone could put him in touch with the man.

In the 23-second clip, the elderly man, who reportedly had albinism, can be seen wearing a white colour shilwar Qameez while standing in front of his ice cream cart.

A video was taken in Sahiwal district, Punjab province, showing the vendor in white clothes next to his ice-cream cart, singing to attract people towards him.

Locals flock to him simply because of his resemblance to the Donald Trump. The video was posted on YouTube and went viral at lightning speed. People were enjoying his voice and also his close resemblance to Donald Trump.

One social media user wrote, 'He is a legend, his voice is soulful. He is an artist. He uses his voice to earn his daily wages."

"He is from Sahiwal. We grew up with his voice and kulfi in our streets," commented one Instagram user.

"Looks = Donald Trump. Soul = Naseebo Lal," said another, referring to the famous Pakistani folk singer.

The doppelganger has albinism, a lack of the pigment melanin which is responsible for adding colour to the hair, skin, and eyes. It can also affect eyesight. He is not the first doppelganger of Trump, though.

A few years ago, a potato farmer in Spain had also gone viral for her resemblance to the former US president.


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