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Second aid convoy enters Egyptian side of Rafah crossing en route to Gaza


Egyptian volunteers gather next to a truck carrying humanitarian aid as it drives through the Rafah crossing from the Egyptian side, on Sunday. Reuters

A second convoy of aid trucks entered the Egyptian side of the Rafah border crossing on Sunday, heading towards the Gaza Strip, according to Egyptian security and humanitarian sources at Rafah.

A total of around 19 trucks carrying medical and food supplies had been inspected by the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), the UN's Palestinian refugee agency, the sources said.

Also during the day, the first fuel trucks since war erupted between Hamas and Israel entered the Palestinian enclave, an official at the Rafah crossing and an AFP journalist said. Six trucks with fuel to power generators at two hospitals crossed from Egypt, the UNRWA and an Egyptian source told AFP.

The first convoy of 20 trucks of badly needed supplies entered Gaza on Saturday.

UNaid-truck This aerial view shows humanitarian aid trucks arriving from Egypt after having crossed through the Rafah border. AFP

Israel imposed a total blockade and launched air strikes on Gaza in response to a deadly attack on Israeli soil by Hamas on Oct.7. The Rafah crossing had been out of operation since shortly afterwards, and bombardments on the Gaza side had damaged roads and buildings.

Gazacrossing-truck Egyptian aid workers celebrate as an aid truck crosses back into Egypt through the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip. AFP

UN officials say a higher continuous pace of at least 100 trucks a day would be required in Gaza to cover urgent needs. Before the outbreak of the most recent conflict, several hundred trucks had been arriving in the enclave daily.

UNaid-Gazacrossing Aid trucks arrive from Egypt after having crossed through the Rafah border crossing in Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip. AFP

UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths told Reuters on Saturday that work was underway to develop a "light" inspection system, whereby Israel could check the shipments but ensure a sustained flow.

Reuters / Agence France-Presse


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