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Abu Dhabi temporarily shuts down two healthcare facilities for violating regulations

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The Department of Health — Abu Dhabi (DoH), the regulator of the healthcare sector in the emirate, has temporarily shut down two healthcare facilities.

This action was taken in response to a series of violations observed by the department's healthcare quality team. One medical centre has been closed temporarily pending the completion of investigations and regulatory procedures related to financial violations.

Additionally, a one-day surgery centre has been temporarily closed due to violations that pose a significant threat to the health and safety of community members.

DoH clarified that the medical centre was temporarily closed, and a doctor was suspended until necessary investigations were concluded. These actions were taken in response to several breaches, including the falsification of documentation for procedures, examinations, medical interventions, and treatments differing from the actual care provided.

The violations also included non-compliance with the department’s circulars, policies, and regulations, such as failure to obtain the patient's consent for treatment, failure to communicate treatment procedures and associated risks before commencing treatment, as well as the use of an unauthorised facility name that diverges from the one designated by DoH.

Meanwhile, the one-day surgery centre was suspended until it rectifies its safety conditions and procedures. This step is a response to the severe threats posed by the observed violations to the well-being and safety of our community members, including the facility's failure to adhere to radiation protection standards or essential shielding equipment and materials, for both employees and patients. The facility also breached protocols by not maintaining and calibrating medical devices and by failing to comply with accredited training systems for its workforce.

Further, a series of violations related to infectious disease prevention standards and regulations were identified. These violations included non-compliance with the federal law concerning infectious disease prevention as well as a breach of the department's directive mandating the use of an electronic reporting system, whether among employees or patients. Moreover, the facility failed to adhere to infection prevention measures and requirements, as evidenced by a visit from the department's healthcare quality team.

Furthermore, the facility was found to be non-compliant with standards and protocols for handling hazardous materials, medical waste disposal, building and vital systems maintenance, and fire safety procedures established by DoH and the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority.

DoH called on all health facilities operating in the emirate to comply with its policies and regulations to preserve the efficiency of the healthcare system in Abu Dhabi, preserve the health and safety of all community members, and continue providing healthcare services in accordance with international best practices.

The department affirmed that it will continue to dedicate efforts to ensure the enhancement of the quality and efficiency of healthcare services provided, by exerting its supervisory role to monitor violations and assist violating facilities to correct any shortfalls to achieve the health and safety of all members of society.



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