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Temperature likely to drop by 4-6˚C in November, says UAE weather body

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Emadeddin Khalil, Staff Reporter

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) reported that November month is part of the second transitional period, which is characterised by moderate temperatures during the day and lower temperatures at night, as the average maximum and minimum temperatures decrease by 4˚C to 6˚C compared to last October, as a result of the continued apparent motion of the sun towards the south, away from the region.

This November the country will be affected by the gradual extension of the Siberian high-pressure ridge into the region, especially during the second half of it, which results in a continued drop in temperatures, NCM pointed out, adding that the weather will also tend to get cold at times, especially at night in mountainous areas and in some interior areas.

The NCM expected that the country would be affected by an extension of surface air depressions extending from the Red Sea and from the east.

“If these depressions are accompanied by air depressions in the upper layers of the atmosphere from the east or from the west, the amounts of clouds will increase and cumulus rain clouds will form in some areas, especially the eastern areas, added NCM.

Winds during this November will be southeasterly in the morning, turning into westerly and northwesterly during the day, and their speed may increase on some days of the month, especially with cumulus clouds, NCM added.

Relative humidity will also increase, especially in the early morning, as a result of the passage of moderate air masses over the Gulf waters, towards the country, which gives the opportunity for light and dense fog to form in various areas, according to NCM.

The average temperature is expected to range between 24˚C and 26°C, while the average maximum temperature is expected to be between 29˚C and 32°C, and the average minimum temperature is expected to be between 19˚C and 21°C, NCM added, pointing out that the highest temperature recorded was 39.9°C in Sweihan in 2021, while the lowest temperature recorded on Jebel Jais, 4.1°C, was in 2009.

According to statistics, the NCM reported that the highest amount of rains recorded during November was 211.4 mm on Dalma in 2013.

Thursday’s weather is expected to be clear to partly cloudy at times, with a chance of some cumulus clouds accompanied by rain falling in some eastern and western areas, and humid at night and on Friday morning in some western areas, according to the NCM which expected Thursday’s winds to be southeasterly to northeasterly, light to moderate, sometimes active, stirring dust, with speeds ranging from 10 to 20, amounting to 35 kilometres/h, and the sea will be light to moderate in the Arabian Gulf and light in the Sea of Oman.

Friday's weather is expected to be partly cloudy at times, with the possibility of some cumulus clouds formation, which may be accompanied by rain falling on some coastal and western areas.

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