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Court obligates man to return Dhs700,000 to a woman in Abu Dhabi


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Abdulrahman Saeed, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Cases Court obligated a man to pay Dhs700,000 to a woman and fined him Dhs50,000 for refusing to return Dhs100,000 she gave him as debt and Dhs600,000 for trust.

The woman gave him the amount in two installments, the first of which was Dhs100,000 as a debt, and the second was Dhs600,000 in trust, and upon demanding payment, he refused.

The details of the case date back to an earlier time when a woman filed a lawsuit against a man in which she requested that he be obligated to pay her an amount of Dhs700,000, a legal interest of 12% from the date of filing the lawsuit until full payment, and compensation of Dhs100,000, as well as obligating him to pay the fees and expenses of the lawsuit and the lawyer’s fees.

The plaintiff said that she loaned the appellee Dhs700,000, and when she asked him to repay the amount, he refused.

She attached to her lawsuit copies of an acknowledgment of the debt notarised by a notary in the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, a customary acknowledgment attributed to the appellee.

The court explained that what was proved through the acknowledgment of the debt notarised before a notary that the appellee received Dhs100,000 from the plaintiff as a debt, moreover, the customary acknowledgment attributed to the appellee proved that he received Dhs600,000 from her in trust, but he did not commit to returning it, nor did he appear before the court to present proof that he had paid the amount.

Consequently, the court obligated him to return the amount.

Regarding the request for compensation of Dhs100,000 for material damages, the court said that the appellee had breached his obligation to repay the loan, and then obligated him to compensate the plaintiff in the amount of Dhs50,000 in compensation for material damages.

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