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UAE sets rules for National Day celebrations


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Ministry of the Interior issued a set of guidelines for the people to follow during National Day celebrations, emphasising the importance of ensuring safety and maintaining a civilised atmosphere of joy and happiness.
‏Brigadier Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Chairman of the Federal Traffic Council, reiterated the Ministry’s call to adhere to laws and safety requirements, urging the public to enjoy the festive atmosphere while avoiding any harm or disturbance to others.

‏The outlined requirements include avoiding marches and random gatherings، adhering to traffic rules and police instructions, refraining from using party sprays, and not altering the vehicle’s appearance. This encompasses avoiding changes to the licence plate, vehicle colour, windshield tint, and prohibiting stickers, signs, or logos on the vehicle, except for National Day stickers under specified rules.

The rules to be followed during celebrations of the UAE Union Day are: all marches and random gatherings are not permitted, celebrants must strictly adhere to traffic rules and unquestionably follow police officers' instructions, and use of any spray (party spray) by the driver, passengers, or pedestrians is strictly prohibited.

The rules also banned tampering with the front or rear number plate, alter the vehicle's colour, or darken/tint the windshield under any circumstances. The MoI also advises the public to refrain from affixing any stickers, signs, or logos on the vehicle, with the sole exception of Union Day stickers, following the specified rules and conditions.

Do not exceed the permitted vehicle occupancy limit and strictly refrain from exiting through the windows or sunroof at any point.

Vehicles must not be equipped with modifications or additions to the exhaust system or additions that may compromise engine structure or visibility. Avoid disrupting traffic or closing roads to others. Doing stunt driving on both internal and external roads is strictly prohibited. Do not cover the vehicle's side, front, or rear windows with stickers or use front sunshade.

Raising of flags of any country other than the UAE is strictly prohibited. Do not wear scarves, except for Union Day. Keep the volume of chants and songs at a minimum, allowing only those related to Union Day. Decoration shop owners are explicitly forbidden from installing any poster or flag, except for the UAE flag or Union Day posters.

Non-compliance with these instructions by a vehicle's driver will result in immediate fines and impoundment, coupled with penalties for violating shops.

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