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VIDEO: Palestinian state based on 1967 borders only solution to Gaza conflict, UAE tells UN top court

Lana speaks at ICJ

A videograb shows Lana Nusseibeh speaking at International Court of justice.

Gulf Today Report

Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh, Assistant Minister for Political Affairs and Permanent Representative to the UN, has emphasised the UAE's commitment to its continued support of the Palestinian people.

"We believe that the only solution to the ongoing conflict is to give the Palestinians their full right to self-determine and establish their state on the 1967 borders," Lana Nusseibeh told the ICJ.

“Looking ahead, we confirm that our contribution to any reconstruction effort in Gaza will be conditional on the existence of an unambiguous commitment, backed by tangible steps, to launch a concrete plan to achieve the two-state solution with a viable, independent and sovereign Palestinian state, in line with relevant UN Security Council resolutions, and negotiated between the two parties with full international backing,” she added.

"Israel must end its siege of Gaza, let aid in and stop the forcible transfer of the Palestinian population," she told the ICJ on Wednesday.

She continued, “Having just returned from a UAE-organised visit to Rafah border with Gaza, where alongside 15 current and incoming UN Security Council ambassadors and UN officials we learned firsthand about the scale of the devastation in Gaza.”

“Our immediate priority is to end the violence and protect the civilian Palestinian population there. We will continue to demand an urgent humanitarian ceasefire to end the bloodshed, and to facilitate the immediate, safe, sustainable, and unhindered delivery of relief and humanitarian aid, particularly to the most vulnerable, including the sick, children, the elderly, and women. We further stress the importance of the full and urgent implementation of Security Council resolution 2712 (2023),” Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh said.

“We must also prevent, through robust measures, a wider escalation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including in the West Bank where extremist settler violence must cease immediately, and perpetrators must be held accountable,” she added.

The Ambassador’s statement concluded that the only way forward from this desperate crisis is the two-State solution and the UAE will use all diplomatic and political levers to push for that outcome.


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