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Sheikh Sultan orders creation of Quranic schools across Africa


Sheikh Sultan with Quran reciters who completed the exclusive Quranic recitations recorded and produced by Sharjah Quran Radio at Dr Sultan Al Qasimi's Centre in Sharjah.

His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, has assigned Al Qasimia University to carry out a project to create Quranic schools throughout Africa.

The memorisation and teaching of the Holy Quran, together with the care of those who study and memorise it, will be the primary goals of these institutions. Additionally, these institutions will employ the university's graduates to spread Quranic studies throughout the countries they represent.

Sheikh Sultan announced the initiative during his speech on Wednesday, in the presence of Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah and Chairman of the Sharjah Media Council, during a ceremony honouring the reciters who completed the exclusive Quranic recitations recorded and produced by Sharjah Quran Radio.

Nine renowned reciters from the Islamic world were honoured for their mastery of recitation and the beauty of their voices.

During the ceremony at Dr Sultan Al Qasimi's Centre, the Ruler of Sharjah approved the proposal to launch a television channel dedicated to the Holy Quran.

This channel will feature all Quran-related studies, interpretations, affairs, scholars, and reciters. The channel will supplement Sharjah's efforts and endeavours to serve the Holy Quran, Islamic affairs, and culture.

He highlighted that caring for the Holy Quran, as well as honouring those who care for it, emphasises the Book of Allah's grand stature and the significance placed on its memorisers and reciters.

He stated that caring for the Quran involves not just its physical existence on pages but also maintaining it in hearts and adhering to its noble and moderate teachings, which highlight good manners and adherence to what pleases Almighty Allah.

Sheikh Sultan emphasised the important initiatives carried out by Quranic institutions and entities in Sharjah, which resulted in a rise in Quran memorisers, mosque upkeep by continual remembering, and the understanding of the Quran and its studies. He lauded the work of individuals in charge of Sharjah's Quranic institutes.

The renowned reciters expressed gratitude for Sheikh Sultan's support, care, and patronage of the Holy Quran, its scholars, and readers.

They thanked Sheikh Sultan for fulfilling their desire to record a complete and well-recited Quran, which took several years to finish before its dissemination, benefiting both the reciters, the workers involved, and the listeners.

The Ruler of Sharjah recognised the honourees, who are well-known among Islamic reciters for their proficient recitation, and awarded them with certificates. He congratulated them for their efforts and wished them prosperity.

The recorded Quranic recitations are broadcast on Sharjah Quran Radio. Some reciters required many years to complete their recitations, which went through different levels of verification, evaluation during and after recording, technical editing, and final review by scholars competent in Qira'at and Tajwid.

The beneficiaries of these recitations were chosen among the reciters for their outstanding performance and competence in Tajwid standards. Their recitations were recorded according to the Hafs's recitation of Asim.



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