Dubai releases Dulook DXB app for most accurate prayer times globally - GulfToday

Dubai releases Dulook DXB app for most accurate prayer times globally

A screenshot of Dulook DXB app.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai has issued the first and most accurate application to determine prayer times automatically and without annoying ads, for all countries of the world.

The first international app using astronomical Sharia-compliant criteria issued by a government institution Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, under the supervision of the International Astronomical Center.

The first app friendly to people of determination in this field. Most accurate in calculating prayer times for Muslims in all parts of the world in more than 50,000 known cities and 190 countries. The App tells the Qibla direction by smart methods and augmented reality (360) degrees and contains widgets in various shapes and sizes.

It is the only app that allows users to calculate alternative prayer times when the Sharia signs disappear.

There are no annoying ads.

The App takes into account the altitude when calculating prayer times. Matches the official timings of many countries.

Flexibility in choosing the criteria for calculating prayer times for specialists. Determines users' location through many options automatically, or through choosing one's location from the world map, or choosing from a list of cities for each country.

Dulook DXB displays the direction of the Qibla in smart ways with the image of the Holy Kaaba.

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