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Pakistan Day: A resolution that means a lot


Pakistani residents spread patriotic cheer at the Dubai Consulate. File/Kamal Kassim/Gulf Today

Agha Riaz, Chief Sub-Editor/Reporter

Pakistan Day, known as the Pakistan Resolution Day. On this day — March 23 — a formal political statement adopted by All-India Muslim League in Lahore in 1940. It called for the creation of ‘independent states’ for Muslims in north-western and eastern British India. Because of this day world witnessed a new country named Pakistan on the globe on 14th August 1947.

The name ‘Pakistan’ had been proposed by Choudhary Rahmat Ali in his Pakistan Declaration earlier in 1933, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other leaders had kept firm their belief in Hindu-Muslim unity. However, the volatile political climate gave the idea stronger backing.

The roots of the struggle for independence of British India can be traced back to the uprising of 1857, which started off as a rebellion of the British East India Company soldiers but soon took the shape of a freedom struggle and caused a major threat to Company Raj (Company Rule) in an undivided India.

On this day the main feature of Pakistan Day celebrations is a parade at Constitution Avenue in Islamabad. An award ceremony is organised where the president gives military and civilian awards to recognise recipients’ achievements and contributions to Pakistan.

In the history of our country, it is crucial that people motivated by religious faith develop a deep appreciation becomes the weakness of our life-systems. We should take steps to defend our land not with different ideology. Still there is so much to do from our side for this beautiful God’s gift.

God has blessed our land with so many minerals and we are facing some challenges, where the future of life is at stake. People of Pakistan are called to take a stand on the side of life.


The beauty did not end at the shoreline, the sceneries alongside the rivers, the beautiful water scenes surrounded by clear seas and studded with coral reefs. The historic site, incredible archeological site like Mohenjo-daro that built around 2600 BCE, it was one of the largest settlements of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation, and one of the world's earliest major urban settlements, contemporaneous with the civilizations of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Crete. The second highest mountain in the world K2, after Mount Everest, is located in this land.

First of all this Pakistan Day reminds us to be united, caring and loving to mould and reshape this land with all its beauty, richness and splendour together as a mutually supportive community.

It is already late and so much damage has been done. Even now there are signs of stress in every corner of our land. As we look at what is happening before our eyes, and think of the horrendous consequences for the land and the people.

For the past number of years we have experienced political instability, economic decline and growth in armed conflict.

As we thank God for the many ways He has gifted this land we must resolve to cherish and protect this for the future of Pakistan.

Pakistan Day in the United Arab Emirates

The People of Pakistan celebrate 23rd of March as Pakistan Day. It always brings enthusiasm into the Pakistani community here in the United Arab Emirates. This is the imperative day in the history of Pakistan, when it became the first Islamic republic in the world.

The expatriates in the UAE celebrated their country's 84th National Day with national zeal, fervour and as a colourful event.

Here in the UAE Pakistan Embassy and Consulate organise lots of cultural programmes and Pakistani residents in the UAE attend the programme and remembers the contribution made by their leaders.

Well, a Dubai businessman Aafaq Ahmed Qureshi said: I feel proud to celebrate this day because this is the day when our forefathers started struggle to have our own identity. Here I have a request to my Pakistani community to step forward and devote our efforts like our forefathers did quarter of a century ago. They should have opened their doors to everyone.”

Intermediate student Asmat Jahangir said in her message, "though these days in our loved country people are facing many challenges but our aims are high. I have believed in it that one day with the grace of Almighty Allah we will be recognised as a great nation. Pakistan Day reminds us the honesty of the great leaders. My best wishes to my countrymen here in the UAE on this big day. May God protect my Pakistan we are also here to serve our Pakistan.

“I always make it a point to visit Pakistan Consulate with my kids on this day to show them our rich culture and tradition. I want my children to learn the values of our ancestors. I also want them to be rooted to their country,” said a Karachi resident Mr and Mrs Abdul Fatah who has been in Dubai for almost a decade.

While another Karachi resident Kamraan Siddiqui too excited to celebrate Pakistan Day with his family in Dubai as he said, “like every year we are waiting to attend the fervour and as a colourful event of Dubai Consulate. We should never forget the significance of this day, added Kamran.

“We all Pakistanis who are staying in the UAE are ambassadors of Pakistan, hence we should make our country proud and the Pakistan Day is a day to take a fresh pledge to make our country proud, concluded Kamran.

Saeed Ahemed Khan, who is working with a healthy food chain, said: “I'm proud to be a Pakistani. Congratulations to all my community, a very "Happy Pakistan Day. On behalf of this valued occasion, I would like to extend my hearty devotions and a request to my Pakistani expatriates that we should present ourselves in such decent way to do their best to share in the betterment of the UAE being the part of it. Long live Pakistan and UAE, I pray to God for the solidarity and friendship between both nations. For me its been 2 years in UAE and the traditional zeal is always witnessed on Pakistan Day. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.”

While Civil Engineer Makhdoom Fayyaz said: “To achieve the freedom is much easier than to maintain it. I appreciate all Pakistanis who live in abroad and supporting the country. Please try to live as one unit. We are independent only through boundaries but our social life is not free from terrorism, illiteracy and many other social and personal evils. So I have a request for all my Pakistan community that its not the duty of a some persons, officials or departments to think about Pakistan. May Allah protect our Country from all dangers. We are celebrating this day is not a occasional day its the significant for the benefit of Muslim community, which the forefathers have made for us. Still we are standing on the same day as 14th August 1947, when there was an alarming situation and chaos.”

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