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10 gangsters jailed for robbing villa in Bur Dubai


Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

Dubai Criminal Court jailed six suspects in presence and two others in absentia for three years. The court also jailed two others for one year, and obligated all to pay jointly $160,000, or its equivalent in UAE Dirham.

The suspects formed a gang and stole amounts of money in various currencies, watches and jewellery worth the fine amount from a villa of a European family in Bur Dubai.

The events of the case date back to November 2023, when a European woman and her husband filed a report about stealing money, jewellery, and valuable watches from their villa in Bur Dubai area.

The complainants said that they left the villa on the evening of the incident but left their children and the nanny inside. When they allegedly returned, they saw that the door of the villa was not closed and that the contents of the wife’s bedroom and other parts of the villa were scattered.

They also discovered that 3 iron safes installed inside the walls of the dressing room containing various currencies, jewellery, and watches had been robbed.

A policeman reported in interrogations that an investigation team collected evidence, emptied surveillance cameras, identified the gangsters and identified two vehicles used in the robbery.

The movements of the gangsters were also determined and the police found the robbed safes empty, but Dhs2,000 were found near them.

On being questioned, the suspects confessed to robbing the safes after conniving to do that and that the two fugitives fled abroad in possession of the stolen items, the day after the theft.

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