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Over 1.2m people visited Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi in 2023

Louvre Abu Dhabi

The museum also hosted visits by over 500 officials and dignitaries, including Heads of State, ministers, ambassadors, internationally recognised artists, and world-renowned celebrities.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

In 2023, Louvre Abu Dhabi welcomed more than 1.2 million visitors, driven by a combination of factors including prominent exhibitions enhancing the museum’s permanent collection, increased visitation to the Children’s Museum, and unprecedented engagement with Louvre Abu Dhabi’s educational programmes.

Notably, various outdoor activities and activations held on the museum premises also played a significant role, contributing 10% to the total visitor count.

International visitors represented 72% of footfall, with the majority coming from key growth markets including Russia, India, France, the USA, China, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, and the UK.

The remaining 28% of visitors were residents of the UAE.

The museum also hosted visits by more than 500 officials and dignitaries, including Heads of State, ministers, ambassadors, internationally recognised artists, and world-renowned celebrities. As of March 19, 2024, the museum achieved a momentous milestone by surpassing 5 million visitors since its grand opening, further solidifying its status as a cultural landmark of unparalleled distinction and global significance.

Saood Abdulaziz Al Hosani, Undersecretary of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, said: “Louvre Abu Dhabi was established as part of our duty to deliver exceptional cultural institutions and experiences for all residents and visitors to the emirate. We are proud to see the impact that this museum has had in its six years of operation, with continually increasing visitor numbers reflecting the strength of its collection, special exhibitions, and community programmes.”

Manuel Rabaté, Director, Louvre Abu Dhabi, said: “It is inspiring to witness such growth in visitation, a testament to how Louvre Abu Dhabi is showcasing Abu Dhabi's rich and diverse cultural landscape. Our museum weaves together the power of collaboration and intercultural dialogue, offering our visitors a glimpse into diverse civilisations and artistic traditions. The interest from our visitors, reflected in the numbers achieved, combined with our unique storytelling, showcases our commitment to excellence in the global cultural landscape.”

Year 2023 saw the opening of five exceptional exhibitions at Louvre Abu Dhabi, including Bollywood Superstars: A Short Story of Indian Cinema, Letters of Light, Cartier: Islamic Inspiration and Modern Design, Picturing the Cosmos in the Children’s Museum, and Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here 2023.

In addition to exhibitions, Louvre Abu Dhabi expanded its collection with notable acquisitions and loans, enhancing the diversity of its offerings.

Notable additions include two Picasso paintings (Woman Holding a Mandoline, 1911, and Portrait of a Seated Woman, 1923), Les Marionnettes by Jean-honouré Fragonard (1770), and four sculptures titled Four Parts of the World on loan from Château de Versailles.

Additionally, in commemoration of the 50-year anniversary of the longstanding diplomatic relationship between the UAE and the Republic of Malta, the museum received two remarkable loans known as cippi from the National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta, and Musée du Louvre.

Louvre Abu Dhabi’s Children’s Museum, created to spark creativity in young minds, also saw significant activity in 2023, with as many as 231,493 visitors attending the two exhibitions that took place, Picturing the Cosmos and Emotions! The New Art Adventure. The vibrant space served as a dynamic educational playground, fostering a love for art and culture in the hearts of young visitors.

In 2023, the museum engaged with over 45,000 students and teachers through school and university programmes, marking an incredible 75% increase in comparison to 2022.

Special initiatives like "Schools Take Over the Museum" and "University Take Over the Museum" provided unique learning experiences, encouraging students to explore Louvre Abu Dhabi and draw inspiration from the permanent collection and the museum’s core values to create their own artistic interventions.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi calendar also included 31 cultural programmes, including talks, performances, film festivals, celebrations around special days and outreach to community centres. The museum curated a programme around the maritime tradition for UAE National Day on the theme “Tales from the Sea” and supported COP28 with a series of talks.

It also hosted a series of educational programmes, such as family weekends, workshops, masterclasses and ArtLabs.

Several exciting athleisure and sports activities were organised over the year to invite people to experience the museum in new ways, with activities such as kayaking around the museum and the electric catamaran experience.


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