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Hundreds attend funeral prayer for Ukrainian woman who converted to Islam days ago in Dubai

A huge crowd attends the funeral prayer for Daria Kotsarenko at Al Qusais Cemetery mosque in Dubai.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

A massive crowd performed the funeral prayer for the young Ukrainian woman Daria Kotsarenko who died days after converting to Islam.

The 29-year-old woman died in Dubai on Friday.

Hundreds of people participated in the funeral prayer of the woman. Photos of the woman's funeral went viral on social media platforms.

An X account “Janaza_UAE” shared the photos of the funeral.

Daria came to UAE three years ago and the love for Islam and culture prompted her to convert to Islam.

Faris Al Hammadi, Islamic Content creator wrote on X, “The Janazah of the Ukrainian sister who died yesterday.

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“All of these brothers rushed to honor her and pray for her.

“This is the beauty of Islam, once you enter this religion, all Muslims, even if they never met you, are your family.”

According to Daria's documents, she was a Christian who converted to Islam in Dubai on March 25. Authorities said that Daria died of a heart attack.

Photos shared on X showed a large number of Emiratis and expatriates at the Al Qusais Cemetery mosque on Friday to offer the funeral prayers.

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Janaza_UAE wrote on X, “May God open her heart to Islam and honor her after her death with these crowds and people’s prayers for her.

“The Messenger of God, (PBUH), said, If God wants good for a servant, He gives him honey. It was said, What is his honey?  He said: A good deed will be opened for him before his death, and he will be rewarded with it.”

The news of Daria's story touched many people, which led to a huge turnout at her funeral on Friday.



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