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Khalifa University provides scholarships to its local and foreign students


Admissions for all students from around the world to Khalifa University is open until April 30, 2024.

Khalifa University of Science and Technology on Wednesday announced its holistic academic and research offerings will have a far wider reach, becoming even more accessible to all students across the UAE, the region and globally, further strengthening the University’s status as a key contributor to the rapid transformation of the UAE’s human and intellectual capital.

As a consistently highly-ranked academic institution with an emphasis on research, innovation and enterprise, Khalifa University continues to spearhead creativity and collaboration nurturing tomorrow’s talent leaders through various initiatives.

Admissions for all students from around the world to Khalifa University is open until April 2024.

Dr Yousof Al Hammadi, Senior Vice-President, Academic and Student Services and Assistant Vice-President, Graduate Studies, Khalifa University, said, “Khalifa University provides the most appropriate learning environment while ensuring that its world-class academic, research and scholarship options are available and accessible to more students in the region and across the world. This is in line with the UAE leadership’s directives and the objectives of UAE Vision 2030 towards contributing to developing human and intellectual capital for the UAE. Each of Khalifa University’s initiatives is geared towards achieving the most advanced solutions through scientific research, while simultaneously offering a platform for learning to as many students as possible, across the globe. In addition, as a highly-ranked international institution, Khalifa University continuously works towards providing highly diverse regional and international internships, as well as facilitating work opportunities.”


Students have access to dynamic internships and career opportunities across a wide spectrum of industries including the emerging space sector, metallurgical industries in aluminium and steel, and oil-and-gas and petrochemical sectors. Equipped with substantial technical skills and theoretical knowledge students are able to present research projects at major international conferences and apply a broad range of technical and non-technical transferable skills, needed for successful careers and leadership roles in industry, business and government. Many graduates also have the option to pursue postgraduate study or research, earning their MSc or PhD, being well-prepared to embark on successful careers in Intelligent Systems and application of mathematical and statistical techniques to machine learning (ML).

UAEstudents-KhalifaUniversitysity continuously broadens the scope for world-class academics with unlimited research. Khalifa University remains top in the UAE in academic rankings and it also has the highest number of patents in the UAE.

Student-led clubs at Khalifa University promote creativity and collaboration, enriching the academic experience. These clubs cater to various interests, including arts, science, culture, and history, and provide a platform for student advocacy and leadership development.

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