Dubai Customs seizes 4.364 million counterfeit goods valued at Dhs5.430m in Q1 2024 - GulfToday

Dubai Customs seizes 4.364 million counterfeit goods valued at Dhs5.430m in Q1 2024

Dubai Customs Intellectual property

Dubai Customs officials during annual celebration of World Intellectual Property Day in 2024.

Dubai Customs' dedication to strengthening its role against counterfeit goods and safeguarding intellectual property rights was showcased through its annual celebration of World Intellectual Property Day in 2024.

Held under the theme "Empowering a Sustainable Future through Innovation," the event saw the participation of key figures such as Yousef AlHashimi, Acting Executive Director, Customer Management Division, along with representatives from partners in intellectual property rights protection.

Attendees included various executive directors and department managers from Dubai Customs.

Yousef Ozair Mubarak, Director of IPR Department, emphasised Dubai Customs' commitment to thwarting attempts to introduce counterfeit goods into the UAE. Collaborating with trademark owners, the department organised workshops to combat new counterfeiting methods, engaging 92 participants, including inspectors and specialists.

Community awareness events on intellectual property reached 6064 participants, complemented by 6 awareness sessions in schools and universities attended by 309 participants. Notably, the launch of Dubai Customs' Intellectual Property Award for Schools and Universities 2023-2024 coincided with these efforts, recognising outstanding achievements.

The department's efforts extended to trademark and commercial agency registrations, with 125 trademarks and 49 commercial agencies registered in the first quarter of 2024.

Additionally, 2 intellectual assets by Dubai Customs employees were recorded. In 2023, 407 trademarks and 231 commercial agencies were registered, alongside 8 intellectual assets at the Ministry of Economy for employee innovations.

Addressing intellectual property disputes, the department handled approximately 62 cases in the first quarter of 2024, resulting in the seizure of counterfeit goods in 13 instances, totalling 4.364 million pieces valued at Dhs5.430 million.

Darin Tang, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), emphasised in a recorded message on World Intellectual Property Day the pivotal role of intellectual property rights in achieving sustainable development goals. Tang called for global collaboration to leverage intellectual property as a catalyst for addressing pressing global challenges and transforming innovative ideas into tangible impacts.

During the event, Dubai Customs honoured the schools and universities that won the Dubai Customs Intellectual Property Award for Schools and Universities 2023-2024, as well as the law firms collaborating with the department. Special recognition was also given to Dr. Abdulrahman Hassan Al Muaini, Assistant Under-Secretary for Intellectual Property Rights Sector at the Ministry of Economy, and Eman Ali Al Salman, Head of Intellectual Property Section (IP Department Sharjah Customs), along with Jumana Hamza Al Bannai from Dubai Customs, and Dr. Hamida Abdel Ati Ali.

The winners in the Schools Scientific Research category included Khawla Bint Tha'labah Girls School, Al Kamal American International School in Sharjah, and Delhi Private School Dubai. In the Schools 60-Second Film category, Al Barsha South Zayed Educational Complex, Hamdan Bin Rashid Secondary School for Boys in Dubai, and Muarbah Secondary School for Girls in Fujairah and Shaml High School for Girls were recognized. The American University and Dubai Higher Colleges of Technology secured top positions in the Universities Scientific Research category, while the University of Sharjah excelled in the Universities Film category.

Law firms such as "Saba for Intellectual Property," "Bayt Al Hikmah," and "ATP Intellectual Property" were acknowledged for their contributions. Jebel Ali Centre and Sharjah Cargo Village received recognition for their efforts in combating counterfeit goods, while members of the Dubai Customs Innovation Standard Team were commended. Graduates of the Intellectual Property Experts Diploma program, including Aisha Harb Hamad and Zainab Habib Siraj, were also honoured.

Additionally, individuals excelling in innovation at Dubai Customs were celebrated, alongside winners of the UAE Hackathon at Mariah Al Qubtia School.


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