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8 types of visas make stay in UAE easier for those wishing to make it their second home

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Emad Eddin Khalil, Staff Reporter

The UAE’s digital government has identified different types of visas for foreigners that allow them to reside and work in the country according to specific requirements and conditions.

Any of these can be applied for through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP), whether the applicant is inside or outside the UAE, or if he is retired, runs a business in the country, studies there, or wishes to bring his family members to live with him.

The Golden Visa is the first type of visa which provides its holder a long-term residence for certain categories of foreign residents, including excellent students. It enables its holder to reside in the UAE for work, or to work remotely.

The Blue Residence Visa is the second type which grants a 10-year residence for retired expatriates, to establish businesses, or for students in the UAE and for those with exceptional contributions and efforts in the field of environmental protection.

Eligible individuals can obtain it by applying directly through the services page on the website of the ICP or by being nominated by the competent authorities in the country.

The third type is the residence visa, which includes three types: the regular work visa; issued to foreigners working in the private and government sectors and free zones, then the green residence visa for 5 years for skilled workers; and residence visas for work which is granted to Domestic helpers.

The fourth type is the residence visa for remote work for one year, which allows a foreigner working outside the Emirates to reside and live inside it legally to do work for an employer outside the country, according to the terms and conditions.

The fifth type of visa grants a 5-year residence for retired expatriates over 55 years and is granted according to specific conditions.

It grants a 5-year residence permit to retired expatriates over 55 years of age and is granted according to specific conditions.

The sixth type is the Green Residence Visa for Business Investors and is granted to establish businesses or participate in commercial activities within the UAE, according to specific requirements.

The seventh type is the Study Residence Visa, which enables the student to reside in the UAE for studying, whether the guarantor is one of his resident parents, or one of the accredited universities or colleges inside the UAE.

The eight type of visa is the Residence Visa for family members, where a resident, whether an employee, investor or business owner, who holds a valid residence visa, can bring his family members and apply for a residence visa for them, as there is no longer a condition for bringing family members, after the profession condition was replaced with a salary of no less than Dhs4,000 per month, or Dhs3,000 with the availability of housing.

To obtain such a visa, family members over 18 must undergo a medical fitness test determined by the concerned authority.

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