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Lebanese and Pakistani nationals win $1m each in Dubai Duty Free draw


Officials of Dubai Duty Free conduct millionaire draw at Concourse A of Dubai International Airport on Wednesday.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

A Lebanese national and a Pakistani national have been announced as the new dollar millionaires at the latest Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire and Finest Surprise draw, held on Wednesday at Concourse A of Dubai International Airport.

Makram Fata, a 48-year-old Lebanese national based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia became a $1 million winner in Millennium Millionaire Series 466 with ticket number 1061 which he purchased on June 15, 2024, on his way back to Riyadh after doing a location shoot in Dubai.

A resident of Saudi Arabia for four years now, Fata is a father of one and works as managing director for a movie and film production.

When asked on his initial plan with his win, he said, “I’m thinking of buying a property either in Saudi or in Greece.”

“Thank you Dubai Duty Free for changing my life onwards,” he added.

Fata is the 15th Lebanese national to have won the Millennium Millionaire promotion since it was launched in 1999.

Joining Fata as a fellow US dollar millionaire is Muhammad Umar, a Pakistani national based in Sialkot, Pakistan, who was announced as the winner of $1 million in Millennium Millionaire Series 467 with ticket number 4391 which he purchased on June 28, 2024, on his way to Chicago, USA.

Umar who is the 24th Pakistani national to have won the Millennium Millionaire promotion. is currently uncontactable, but will no doubt be delighted to learn of his newfound fortune.

Wednesday's draw was conducted by Dubai Duty Free Managing Director, Ramesh Cidambi, Sinead El Sibai, SVP – Marketing, Mona Al Ali, SVP – Human Resources, Sharon Beecham, SVP – Purchasing, Mohamad Al Khaja, Vice President - Retail Support, Salim Ibrahim, Senior Manager – Retail Sales and Thankachan Varghese, Senior Manager - Retail Support.

Following the Millennium Millionaire draw, the Finest Surprise draw was conducted for four luxury vehicles.

Ahmed Rashad, a 56-year-old Swiss national based in Dubai won a BMW 740i M Sport (Dravit Grey Metallic) car with ticket number 0020 in the Finest Surprise Series 1883 which he purchased online on June 9, 2024.

A regular participant in Dubai Duty Free's promotion since 2015, Rashid is a second time car winner as he previously won a BMW 750Li Executive (Black) car with ticket number 157 in Finest Surprise Series 1511 during the Dubai Duty Free Anniversary on Dec.20, 2021.

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