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Delight for shoppers

Dubai shoppers

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I am glad that shops will be open till late in the night during the Eid Al Adha holidays. As someone whose shift ends at 10pm, I frequently find myself at a disadvantage where doing any shopping after work is concerned. There is very little time left as shops in most malls close by 10 in the night. Now thanks to the holidays I will have more time at my disposal to comfortably browse through the range of clothes and other items on offer. There is nothing like taking a leisurely stroll around the shops in the malls and exploring the lovely offers. However, what I found fascinating was the activities that the malls have been hosting. The Dubai Mall, which will be open until 2am from Aug.8 till Aug.17, will have the wise grandfatherly figure Sheibitna, who will narrate engrossing tales and provide special words of wisdom.

Ibn Battuta Mall has also extended its hours. A wide range of wonderful things, including the Steam Punk Parade, Flower Theme Performances and Looney Tune Shows, are there for the vsitors.

As your report says, Mall of the Emirates is the ultimate family destination. Shoppers who spend Dhs600 or more have an incredible change of winning a family package daily. This will include Mall GiftCards worth Dhs5,000 along with shopping vouchers. It will also continue its Summer D’OR initiative during Eid Al Adha.

Abdul Latif

By email

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