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The way forward


Carrie Lam

Finally it dawned on the authorities and the government of Hong Kong that dialogue is a possibility towards amicable sorting out of issues. Strangely or dumbly this idea about having a dialogue didn’t take birth all these months of peaceful protests by the Hong kongers (“ HK leaders open to dialogue but won’t budge on demands,” Aug. 28, Gulf Today).

Dialog is the first thing that must happen in case of dissent. That’s the only way to sort out the cause of dissent without the use of weapons. Else it becomes a matter of force, forcing a people and populace to bow down and subscribe to doing things that they don’t want. The Hong kongers are bitter because of the forceful imposition of China and Chinese suffocating meddling into the affairs of Hong Kong. A similar situation is happening between two countries in South Asia.

It is a modern day colonization and sadly it continues to fester while the United Nations and whichever elite clubs such as the G7 only shake their prissy heads in disapproval.

Joyce D
By email

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