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Plastic conundrum

Plastic in Sea

The government has to make policies that dictate the use of plastics.

It’s quite tiring to keep reading about plastic waste and what we are doing to the planet. It is true that such articles cause awareness but there is an important aspect that is not taken care of (“Who’s profiting from climate change?,” Nov.7, Gulf Today).

While it is true that the consumer becomes aware of what they buy, and try to avoid binging on plastic. But most of the times, this cannot be helped. For example, buying toilet paper. Toilet paper comes wrapped in plastic or comes in wholesale plastic packets. What should the customer do in this situation?

Thus, the elected representatives, the manufacturers and the customers have to work together on this. It isn’t enough if the consumer decides not to use plastic, because even if such a decision is made, they are forced to buy necessities that come packed in plastic. Firstly the government has to make policies that dictate the use of plastics. Of course this has to be well thought out, and alternatives to plastic need to be made accessible. Unlike the Indian government who made waves some time back about banning the single use plastics but had not an inkling of an idea how to go about it. Secondly these policies need to be implemented by the manufacturers very strictly. And then only can the consumers find it easier to stick to their decision of not using plastic.

Joyce D
By email

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