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Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro

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Having lived in Dubai all my life I just want to thank the authorities for the Dubai Metro service. We recently marked the 11th anniversary and paid tribute to all who contributed in making it such a grand success (“Sheikh Hamdan celebrates 11th anniversary of Dubai Metro,” Sept. 9, Gulf Today).

I happen to commute using the metro, regularly, since the last two years after I relocated to Al Nahda since I work in Sheikh Zayed area. Taking my car to work is certainly a hassle, during week days, as it just leads to unnecessary traffic congestion apart from additional expenses such as paid parking, etc. Because of the Metro, a lot of visitors head to Dubai or travel to office as this is the most convenient mode of transport to move from one place to another.  We do face a few glitches here and there but that it is a very seldom occurrence.

Of course there is the gold class which is more spacious compared to the Silver class. Not to mention the fact that the fare is very reasonable. Whether going to an office, supermarket, clinic, park, gym, hospital, school or the college it’s hassle-free.  

Imagine life without the metro? What may need a change though are the etiquettes of the commuters which can be controlled if there is more metro staff stationed near the busy areas. Also the frequency of the feeder buses may need a look.  Thanks, Dubai Metro.

Mathew Litty — Dubai

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