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Bold Meghan


Meghan Markle

I think it’s a mark of character for Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex to talk about her pregnancy loss and to announce the news of the new pregnancy. Several weeks ago, she publicly talked about the sorrow of miscarriage and the pain that ensues (“Why Meghan’s ‘late’ announcement is symbolic too,” Feb. 24, Gulf Today).

Like the article says, “the pain of pregnancy loss is a great leveller irrespective of aristocratic titles, fame or wealth”. And the fact that Meghan came out about her loss and the pain, shows her solidarity with other women who have experienced a similar loss. It shows that her royal status doesn’t make her pain any more deep than the pain of so many other women over the world.

Also, it is refreshing, that she chooses to share these important parts of her life with the public, as opposed to the opaque and prude manner in which the British royalty conducts itself. They are ensconced behind the high walls of their comfortable castles and are generally removed from the public.

However, this letter isn’t about the British royals; the entire world knows about their behaviour. It is about Meghan. That she chooses to be one with the world as opposed to remaining aloof. That despite her royal status she stands in her right as an independent lady, someone who thinks for herself, who forms an opinion irrespective of the media. She is bold, and she is strong.

Joyce D
By email

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