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Climate farce


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Before COP21 even begins, it can be assured that it will go down the path of the Paris Climate Agreement. Because these agreements are all talk and no action. Its about the “leaders” coming together by their private jets and talking big about how they will reduce carbon emissions in their respective countries, but the irony is that they will travel in private jets.

Why are carbon emissions reduction deadlines so far away as 2035 and 2050? Why not now? Why not tomorrow? Will we live well to see the light of the day in 2035? The pandemic has shown that the impossible is made possible. That the unthinkable can happen. Vaccines take 10 or more years to develop. Yet, so many vaccines were out in less than a year. This is because all the governments worked towards a common cause. And the funds were allocated to this cause.

Similarly, if all the governments put their heads together to combat climate change, they can do so in less than the time taken to develop a vaccine. They can do it tomorrow. They can revoke coal licences and begin production of green energy. But they will not. Because that’s not in the interest of their corrupt ways.

Joyce D
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