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Slow apocalypse

Climate Change

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It is time to look climate change in the eye and to stop being in denial that the world’s governments will save the planet through rigorous green policies. Neither will happen — the planet won’t be saved and the governments won’t be accountable.

The article rightly says that it is time to accept that we will be drowning in the effects of climate change. The plan B is that — that we must stop being in denial and stop hoping that there is salvation ahead. We must accept the erratic climate behaviour and know that floods, droughts and ice melting are the new norm.

The author has made two very strong and valid points — it’s something that we need to keep in mind for acceptance to set in. One is these (climate change targets at climate change conferences) are way beyond the political lifetimes (or actual lifetimes) of those signing up to them. The second is all these goals for 2050, 2040, and even 2030 are all very visionary but, without being indelicate, leaders such as Joe Biden, Xi Jinping and Boris Johnson won’t be around to be accountable for them. So one must understand that the vision of the governments is short-sighted economic gains. And while there are flowery conferences for setting climate change goals, none of them will be met. It’s a slow apocalypse.

Abilasha D
By email

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